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Self-employed expenses: 33 types of expenses you can claim!

If you’re self-employed, your business has numerous costs. Did you know that you can deduct some of your self-employed expenses to work out your taxable profit?


Not sure what everyday self-employed expenses you can claim back? We are here to help you!

Check below if you are eligible and which self-employed expenses you can claim back!

And don’t forget that you must keep proof of all of your self-employed expenses, as HMRC may ask for them!  


               There are two ways to claim your self-employed expenses: 

1. Use the trading allowance for self-employed expenses

You can claim a flat £1,000 for self-employed expenses using the trading allowance:
- It’s super easy to do and all professions qualify. 

- You don’t need to keep your business receipts! 
- Note that if you choose the self-employed allowance, you won’t be able to claim anything else.


2. Or you can claim every single business expense!

You can choose this option if your expenses are over £1,000 annually. 
- You will need to keep all your receipts (even though sometimes bank statements can also work!) 
- Note that you will not be able to claim the trading allowance if you choose this option. 


So what self-employed expenses are eligible, if you choose to claim every single expense?

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Published by Elisa Ribeiro Soares
Elisa Ribeiro Soares