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£150 Council Tax Rebate: Did you know you may be eligible to receive it?

To help households with rising energy costs, there’s a new government initiative: a £150 Council Tax rebate.  


What is exactly the £150 Council Tax rebate? 

The £150 Council Tax rebate is a support initiative to help families with their energy bills since the cost of living is increasing a lot. This is calculated to help 15 million households all across the UK. 


Who can get the £150 Council Tax rebate? 

Householders in band A to D properties are qualified for this £150 Council Tax rebate.

You can find out which band your property below: 

Property Bands

How will you get the £150 Council Tax rebate? 

If the government has your bank details (because you pay by Direct Debit), you will get the payment into your bank account.

If, on the other hand, the government doesn’t hold your bank details, they will be in touch to get these from you. If you prefer, you can sign up to pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit online.  


Does this mean you don’t have to pay your Council Tax bill? 

No! You must continue to pay your Council Tax bill by the amounts and on the dates shown on your bill. 


Note that if you are not eligible but still need help,

there are different ways your council may help you. 

Enquire about alternative relief! 

Published by Elisa Ribeiro Soares
Elisa Ribeiro Soares