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Chancellor urged to reform Cycle to Work Scheme

The letter to widen access and to reform the Cycle to Work scheme has been addressed to Chancelor Rishi Sunak by the Cycle to Work Alliance, the Co-op, British Cycling and the Federation of Small Businesses, as well as by the five largest providers of the Cycle to Work scheme – Cyclescheme, Cycle Solutions, Evans Cycles, Halfords and Vivup – which account for approximately 80% of the market.

If you also think that low earners and self-employed workers in the UK shouldn't be excluded from accessing the Cycle to Work scheme, read more below!



Chancellor Rishi Sunak is being urged to open up the Cycle to Work scheme to lower-paid workers and to those who are self-employed. 

Currently, the Cycle to Work scheme allows people to buy bikes tax-free to use them for commuting to work, but it excludes self-employed and those earning the minimum wage.

With the cost of living increasing, those who earn less are feeling more the effects of the rising inflation and desperately need cheaper alternatives to travel to work. The Cycle to Work scheme can be a way of helping adress this problem, since most of these workers have no option to do their job from home. 

The reason behind lower-paid workers not being able to access the Cycle to Work scheme is that people can't sign up if their salary contributions take them below the minimum wage, despite the long-term saving effect it might have, which is not fair on those who need the most this benefit. 

The Cycle to Work scheme has been introduced by the government in 1999 to promote mental and physical health, as well as to avoid environmental pollution, and since then more than one million people have use it. Using the scheme, employees can get bikes and safety equipment tax-free and paid in installments, saving between 25% and 40%.



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Published by Elisa Ribeiro Soares
Elisa Ribeiro Soares