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3 Tips On How You Can Claim your Job Expenses Back

Claiming tax back is a different experience for each worker since it depends on each one's circumstances, which will affect how much you can claim back or how much you owe. 

To help you be sure about what you can claim back, read our 3 tax back tips!

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Employed workers can claim tax relief for a variety of job expenses. You may be eligible to claim tax back if in the last four years:

  • You washed your uniform;
  • You used your car or public transport to travel to temporary places of work;
  • You bought tools or protective clothing for work;
  • You left or you are leaving the UK.


How can I claim my job expenses back?

1. Check your tax code

If your tax code is wrong you could be overpaying tax. 


2. Don't miss the deadline

A claim can be made for the last four tax years which can mean you can claim more tax back than you might have thought! Don’t miss the deadline or you lose any tax back you are owed.


3. Consider if you need help

Claiming your tax back can often become time-consuming and difficult. Using a professional service like Tommy's Tax can help claim tax back on all you are entitled to, making sure you don’t miss out safely and securely.

All of our accountants are certified and we will complete the paperwork and deal with HMRC to ensure that your claim is completed in the quickest possible time and that you are repaid all of the tax you are owed!


Claim your tax back in a few easy steps now:

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Published by Elisa Ribeiro Soares
Elisa Ribeiro Soares